The Dutch and cheese

The Dutch eat on average no less than 19 kilos of cheese per year. With a ‘cheese slicer’ they scrape thin slices of bread, but they also cut ‘cheese cubes’ of it as a snack at the cocktail, with or without a piece of ginger, a slice of gherkin or a piece of pineapple or mandarin. They prefer to provide their cheese cubes with a ‘cheese stick’ with the Dutch flag. A little mustard – to dip the cheese – should not be missed. On a ‘cheese board’ they often combine different kinds of cheese – from young to old – to present their guests with cheese to their own taste.

When heated, Dutch (especially Gouda) cheese melts very easily. That makes the cheese a popular ingredient in the kitchen. To give flavor to a bechamel sauce, for example. As a cheese fondue, or to gratin some dishes. And of course Gouda cheese is very much used to make Tosti (Grilled Cheese Sandwich). In short: with Dutch cheese you can go anywhere